The California Primary is complex because in addition to the Presidential Election, we also have the State Primaries to elect State Officials! It is a lot of information. We have done our best to collect some of it and make it more easily available for California voters using our site. Visit this site to view your sample ballot and locate your nearest polling place. Where you live and what party you are registered with will determine what your ballot looks like on voting day. Please remember, it is important to take notes and do your own research as well!

As a creative space dedicated to the community and social equality, Sunday supports values that most identify with the left – advocating for the right to a good education, healthcare and other government instated social services. We also hold the government responsible for the injustice of depriving people of such needs and will continue to educate ourselves and others in hopes of bringing about equality through grassroots efforts, wherever we can.

President of the United States

The President of the United States must be US born and have lived in the country for at least fourteen years. Public office experience is not required but helps. The public usually prefers well-educated candidates but there is no degree necessary. We are looking for an excellent public speaker, who is honest, smart and open-minded. Must be cool under pressure. Might have to make decisions about war, peace and nuclear weapons. Should know how to spend money wisely.

Bernie Sanders


A self-described democratic socialist, Senator Sanders is America’s longest-serving independent politician in Congress. Sanders registered Democrat to run as President for the 99% – fighting income inequality, while advocating for universal healthcare, and free public college tuition. Sanders has run his entire campaign on individual donations, denouncing corporate financing.

Donald Trump


Business man, entertainer, and media sensation – Donald Trump entered the presidential race with a combination of intrigue and uncomfortable laughter. He promises to “Make American Great Again,” on the platform of excluding Muslims, deporting undocumented immigrants, building a wall on the US and Mexico border, pumping up the military, and defeating terrorism.

Hillary Clinton


A political icon of the 90′s, Hillary Clinton is giving it another shot at the White House after her Presidential defeat by Barack Obama in 2008. Clinton is pushing her platform on women’s reproductive rights and equal pay, even though her policies are not as liberal on most issues as Sanders. The public has begun to question her corporate relationships and her flip flop politics.

United States Senate

The US Senate, along with the House of Representatives, makes up the United States Congress. Each State has two Senators to represent their state interest. US Senators serve six year terms. In 2016, California State Senator Barbara Boxer is retiring. A statewide election for her position will be held November 8th, 2016. The primaries for the California US Senate take place along the Statewide Presidential Primaries on June 7, 2016.

Thirty-four candidates will appear on your ballot and of those one will become the U.S. senator for California. This is a shortened list of candidates, some that have been projected to be more popular among voters and others just to give a more well rounded perspective of who is running. Click boxes on mobile to get more info. This resource may be a good place to start for researching other candidates.

Kamala Harris


“I will fight relentlessly to protect our coast, our immigrant communities and our seniors.”

Loretta Sanchez


Has been fighting in congress for 20 years for education, tuition and health care reform.

Tom Del Beccaro


Believes immigration is a national security issue, will enact a flat tax for business and individuals.

Duf Sundheum


wants to lower taxes, proposes helping community banks will boost the economy.

Ron Unz


wants to raise minimum wage, is against CA Multilingual Act, opposes Affirmative Action.

Steve Stokes


aims to reform democratic party to represent people, endorses senator Bernie Sanders

Mark Herd


for free market economy, civil liberties, personal freedom, and non-intervention

John Parker

Peace and Freedom

Anti-war activist and socialist, aims to protect the environment, de-fund the military, end the prison industrial complex and the war on people of color.

Pamela Elizondo


Environmental advocate, wants to stop political profiteering and the party system. Strongly supports use of medical marijuana for fixing economic and environmental problems.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is the second part of the United States Congress. Representatives are elected to a two-year term. Each representative serves the people of a specific Congressional District by introducing bills and serving on committees, among other duties. California is divided into 53 Congressional Districts, eighteen of which intersect the city of Los Angeles. Voting takes place based on Congressional District. To find your Congressional District, refer to your sample ballot, visit here or go here.

Click on the districts to view a combined list of the Republican and Democratic Party endorsed candidates, as well as other notable picks. Visit this pdf to see the full list.

Party County Committee

Voters who have registered as a Democrat or a Republican will see a section on their ballot for the election of members of their party’s Party County Committee. Voters can vote for up to seven committee members. We couldn’t find enough information on this section so we decided not to include it but check your sample ballot to find out the candidates for your district.

Los Angeles, California State Senators

The California State Senate is one of three parts of the California State Legislature. There are forty California State Senators, with one representing each State Senate District. Each State Senator holds a four year term. To learn what State Senate District you belong to, type in your address here. A full list of candidates can be viewed here.

Los Angeles County Judge of Superior Court

These are all candidates in the “Race for Robes”. Everyone votes for these! No matter what party you are registered with because this part is considered “non-partisan.”

Los Angeles County District Attorney

The District Attorney is responsible for prosecuting felony and misdemeanor crimes within their particular district (Los Angeles County). The District Attorney’s office is like a giant prosecutor or lawyer’s office. It employs Public Defenders. This elected office is also non-partisan.


Jacqueline Lacey


First woman and first African-American to serve as LA District Attorney since the office was created, Lacey has prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases while serving as deputy district attorney, including a successful prosecution of the first race-based hate crime murder in the United States.


State Measure

A State Measure is a proposed constitutional amendment. Any California voter can create a referendum to be placed on the ballot by going through this state process.


The State Measure proposes a Legislative amendment allowing for the suspension of Legislators without salary and benefits. It prohibits the members from using powers of their office or legislative resources while suspended. There is no effect in state spending and only minor state savings for this measure.

California Primary Voting Guide

Sunday has put together a voting guide for the California primaries. You can pick these up at the following locations.

    El Segundo Museum of Art
    Gnar Burger
    John Marshall High School
    Watts Community Center
    Verbum Del High School
    Non Plus Ultra
    Youth Justice Coalition
    Wacky Wacko
    Esteban E Torres High School
    Stories Books and Cafe
    Ooga Booga Book Store
    Women’s Center for Creative Work
    Los Angeles City College

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