Cat Roif


April 5 2015

“Out of the few places I have lived I’ve never felt so right within a community. My relationship to the lifestyle, the people, and the cultural aesthetic that has been created by the working class community of East LA is what inspires me.”

Catherine Roif is a 27 year old Cuban/ Transylvanian artist who moved to Highland Park a few years ago from Miami. 

This work is about Catherine’s experience within this community. There will be a variety of new photo work along with her own version of a neighborhood dollar store that she has created by collecting novelty items in the area. She will also be debuting fresh off the press “MAMI MIAMI: cassette mixtapes” from a boombox that 76 year old Chico traded her, the only other Cuban on her block.228700-R1-E006 228600-R1-E009228700-R1-E008tumblr_nmc3uyn1pX1rnxwzjo1_1280 tumblr_nks3heC6PM1rnxwzjo6_1280